Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy Girls

Helen and Elizabeth are playing with their bears. One bear is visiting from preschool, for which this photo was taken. Both girls amaze me with their imaginations and curiosity. They spend many hours playing together, inventing parties, shows, classes, and games. Elizabeth is usually the leader and if Helen decides to not play along, chaos ensues.

Both girls are now in preschool 3 days a week. I have no excuse for the lack of posting; my camera is not broken and the computer is working just fine. We have just been busy playing, training, working, and exploring. I will really, really try to make more posts.

Elizabeth, now 4 1/2 years, spends much of her time drawing pictures and practicing her writing. Helen wants to do the same, of course, but is not as coordinated yet at just 3 years old. Both girls took gymnastics earlier this fall, and loved it. They are currently taking pre-ballet/pre-tap and seem pretty excited about that too. I am happy that they are such good friends and entertain each other so well (however, they can make a terrible mess if they really get into whatever they are playing)!


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