Tuesday, February 14, 2017

America and Immigrants

America has immigrants from near and far
But they changed the U.S., wherever they are
Some are refugees, coming to flee
Coming on ships on the stormy sea
Some come for a better life
Like a house, children, and a wife
Some come for wealth or power
Or for businesses to bloom and flower
Some came to live with fathers and mothers
They came to live with sisters and brothers
They all heard the mourning dove
And sometimes even found true love
Some came for the university
But they all gave us diversity
They gave us new cultures and new foods
They have all different kinds of moods
They brought animals, like horses and mules
They gave us new seeds and new tools
Immigrants were very brave
The ships sometimes hit huge waves
They all left their native land
Left the forests, the desert sand
Some came in the time of the colonies thirteen
Some want to come now, in 2017
The land here is big enough to share
Beautiful, glorious, and fair
Immigrants come for many reasons
Hoping to come in all the seasons
They all have a reason to come
We need to welcome everyone
Immigrants are what make America great
We need to love them, not to hate
Immigrants are people too
They shouldn’t be judged by the actions of few
We welcome immigrants, wherever they are
Those who came to America from near and far  


At 5:30 PM , Blogger george said...

A very nice poem, with a great message.
This was a pleasure to read and to think about. Thank you.

At 9:00 AM , Blogger miekow said...



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