Thursday, July 27, 2006


It all seems so easy, when you look at her like this.

Elizabeth has been struggling with naps this week. This picture represents attempt #3 for today, which was obviously successful. I've read that it's quite common for toddlers her age to make a difficult transition from two naps per day to one nap per day. This hasn't been made any easier by the oppressive heat, teething, bottle-weaning, or the fact that Mommy really wants to take two naps per day!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Almost One and a Quarter

As Elizabeth awaits her baby sister, she is learning all sort of new tricks. Most notably, she is picking up new words - besides ball, she can also distinguish box, boat, bird, bunny, and banana. Funny that all the words start with B, but they are definitely different utterings. She can sort of kick a ball with her feet and she is starting to work on running. There are still many bumps and scrapes throughout the week, although they seem to be fewer (for now - wait until she starts climbing).

She loves to help - and needs to be invloved in almost everything that the big people are doing. Somehow, this translates into my laundry and her toys getting scattered throughout the whole main floor of the house, usually 5 minutes before Daddy gets home. I think she is starting to empathize with others, but her world is still inwardly focused for the most part.