Monday, June 23, 2014

International Travel...

...with kids.

Here's what I've learned on this trek across the Pacific Ocean with my kids. Unless you really need to, the amount of travel time, in hours, should not exceed the youngest child's age. Along those same lines, the length of stay, in days, should not exceed the youngest child's age. So, for example, instead of a two-week trip to Japan involving an eleven hour flight, we should have opted for a four-day stay in Hawaii or a four-day stay in San Diego, or some closer location.

I guess you could draw it out a little bit, like plus one, but for the most part, my four-year-old is beyond tired and acting like a complete maniac. The older kids have reached their limit, too, at about day 10.

We have one and a half more days to go. Pray for us!