Friday, March 27, 2009

Sycamore Valley

We did this hike a couple weeks ago, on a Thursday, when both girls are home from preschool classes. As part of the EBRPD's 2009 Trails Challenge, this was recommended as an "easy" out and back. It's low mileage - 2.2 miles if you follow the guide, 1.7 miles if you do the loop that we did - but it is especially challenging during the first segment, which has a significant uphill climb.

It's probably more significant with two little girls in a stroller, but they rode the whole way up, eventually getting out and walking as the slope decreased in intensity. Although they were in and out of the stroller, they are good little hikers now. It's fun to watch them run around the house or the back yard together.

At the top of the hike: a beautiful view of Mount Diablo.The way back home: This was actually more challenging that I had supposed. The trail was pretty narrow in some spots, but it was lovely and worth the effort. There was one very steep descent, though not long, it ran alongside a ravine, which was dangerous for two little girls. So I carried one girl, then the next, and finally, the stroller.
And, as a note to other parents, there is a wonderful playground at the beginning of this hiking spot, which we visited for an hour or so both before and after the hike.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New 'Dos

Elizabeth and Helen had their first real haircuts at the salon this week, to see if the gals there could do a better job than I. Both girls were wonderfully behaved, and I got to learn a trick or two. Also mentionable is that my hair was cut as well, but I am not entirely happy with the outcome, so I may have to try another stylist.