Saturday, March 10, 2007

Getting Bigger

Elizabeth and Helen just keep growing! Here, they show off their new clothes for the warmer weather (Helen is wearing some hand-me-downs from Elizabeth). Helen recently had her 6-month check up and passed with flying colors (17 lbs, 3 oz.; 27.5 inches; 17.5 inch head circumference). Helen is a whole 2 inches taller and 1 pound heavier than Elizabeth was at the same age, although head circumference is the same.

Elizabeth is mastering the English language, with a huge vocabulary and the creation of multiple word phrases. I am amazed at what she knows; from colors to the letters of the alphabet to numbers. Wow!

Helen is trying (still) to crawl, and has mastered the art of rolling and scooting to get around to whatever she wants to explore in the room. She also talks, but mostly in little squeals, soft songs, and phonetic sounds ("ba ba ba").