Saturday, May 19, 2007

Elizabeth is still trying to fit in the baby swing, although she's long outgrown it, if not in weight, at least in height.

We had a breakfast picnic this morning, hiking up to the park in Montclair to play in the sand while Mommy drank coffee and Helen observed the waterfowl.

Off and...

Crawling! Everywhere! Helen scampers from the play room to the kitchen in no time. Her movement is so quick these days, we've moved the sandals outside and put baby gates up around the cat food.

She's pulling herself up, now, on anything she can get a hold of. Today, Elizabeth held her up and they "danced" to a little Billie Holiday. But don't think it's always this lovey-dovey around here; shortly after the dancing, Elizabeth tried to pull Helen up by her hair - ouch!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Elizabeth and Helen had fun trying on new hats, to shade out the summer sun. Well, Elizabeth had fun wearing the hats; Helen had more fun eating hers (and E's).

You Missed A Spot...

Elizabeth is very clean. Or she imitates Mommy quite a bit.

She also doesn't like to sit still, so her "trim" of a haircut today ended up more of a shearing. Oh well, all that hair will grow back soon enough.